Unexpected last-minute black Friday shopping with my brother . Hmm, where are our girlfriends? LOL.

Damn, got so much steal-deals on car parts, that I had leftover money for cloths. ^_^

Aching to get that 05/06 front conversion done with an Aspec lip + Retrofit headlights.

Bought babe her replacement earphones, since I lost her other ones.

And also a little special something(; for us<3

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I’m kinda having MapleStory withdraws… I remember making so much money off of it. R. I. P. KaoriDrk</3

I was all about that Swag life ! LOL sikeeeee ! Damn, miss playing this character. Dexless Drk(before when warriors NEEDED dex). R. I. P. KaoriDrk</3

I’m sorry for getting mad at you earlier. I was just irritated because I’m sick and my throat hurts like HELL.

But I realized that I shouldn’t get so worked up on something so trivial as that.

But anyways,
I hope you’ll still want to see me tmrw and Thursday.

Special Happy Birthday to my future sister-in-law Charis!

The Instafamous & Talented !
@ibe_princess @ibe_princess @ibe_princess @ibe_princess @ibe_princess

If you guys aren’t already, please go follow her & shower her with birthday greetings!(:

& she’s single! So if you’re a handsome Korean/hapaboy, hollahhh! But if you hurt her, ima hurt you.

LMK please, spread the word. For exhaust I have straight pipe, if wanting to trade. Gonna go all stock.

This Dragonite right here is like a daughter to me!

Hatched her as a Dratini back from when I was a kid. Tbt to FireRed/LeafGreen days. Then transferred her over to Pokemon Platinum. 🎮🐉

Decided to go to school with the girlfriend today ^_^

Thought I was gonna play LoL while she’s in class 💻🎮⌚

But there’s an update and the internet is horrible… 😰😱😡 (at Kapiolani Community College: Lama Library)

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I think I’m going back to the Anime-Styled hair. #selfie

I miss my dad .

Don’t tell me what to do, I’m Teemo.

Keep calm, cause I’m Trollmo… Oops, I mean Tankmo! Fuck, I meant Teemo*